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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Page Library - A Place To Work On Blog

Not every day is sunshine and weather you can do fun things.  Some days rain and some days high winds, or cold temperatures..  Those days are not days to tour muddy back roads and hike.  These days, it is nice to find refuge in a place that you can spend hours with WiFi.  McDonald’s is a great place for an hour or two but not 4 hours.

When I’m in Page when the weather is not the best I go to to the Library.  It’s a great place to work on my blog, catch-up on Youtube, social media, watch a movie, or work on taxes.

My choice is the adult reading section.  There are plenty of outlets on the wall or floors.  I can park myself for hours and not be disturbed.

The Page Library offers more.  Page has the greatest views of any library I visit in all my haunts.  The mesas and mountains never loose their luster, even in the rain.  When you see the sun come out you can see it and head back to your camping spot.

When boondocking, don’t forget the library for a place that offers a clean warm place to spend your time.  This is excellent for us that spend so much time outside.


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