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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Hike To A Cave - Page, AZ

While searching a backcountry area I could see this cave from a distance.  Many of the places I find are from looking at interesting rock formations. 

Something as large as this cave are not hard to miss.  It wasn’t for a few more days that I decided to check it out.

When I see such carve-outs like the cave I wonder about what in nature created it.  It’s all amazing.

From where I started hiking the rock formation was adjacent to the hill with the cave.

In this area there is lots of sand and just a few scrub bushes.

Looking further to the west there are not any similar rock formations.  The land from here drains to a wash and eventually into the Colorado River.

This is my sixth year of travels and this is the first year I decided to not rely on named things to see.  Searching has made this year more interesting as I’ve done many hikes of the places most people know of or find online.

You too could search and find interesting places, what local know, that are left to you to find.


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