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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Trying For “The Wave” Lottery Again

A couple years ago I won the Kanab, Utah BLM lottery to hike “The Wave”.  I won the lottery by going to the Kanab office with others also looking to win the privilege of hiking “The Wave”.  I was lucky that it only took me two tries.

This year I tried the online lottery and it is run 3 months in advance of the dates you want to go.  In person the lottery is the day before you get a permit.

The problem is the House Rock Valley Road condition.  There are many days in the winter when you can’t get there.  Although, I have driven this road with my Prius it usually requires 4x4 high clearance vehicle.  When the road is wet it is so slippery, deep tire groves, and washed out roads.  

(Above is part of the email notifying me I did not win the advance lottery.)

20 people are allowed to hike each day.  10 are selected in the advance (3 months) lottery and 10 the day before you can hike.

I got to southern Utah by early March but this has been a wet snowy winter in northern AZ and Utah.  I still went to Kanab BLM office to see about applying for the lottery. 

Above is part of an early morning rainbow on my way to Kanab.  See he snow.

Although blurry, the morning sun lights up the beautiful hills and mountains.

(House Rock Valley Road is the road that runs up and down in the lower center of the photo.  BLM Road #700)

After seeing and hearing how bad the House Rock Valley Road was from the ranger at the Kanab BLM office to drive House Rock Valley Road, I left without trying for the lottery.  Even with my 4x4 Tacoma and camper you can still slide off the road or get stuck in ruts that are as deep as your axles.  The starting cost to get towed out, is $2k, and you my have to wait until they will come after the road drys out.

Here is a photo from my last visit.

There always next year, and there are many other places to go see that I have not been before.


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