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Thursday, February 28, 2019

San Diego’s Little Italy- Farmers Market

It’s Saturday in San Diego and the Little Italy Secton of the city hosts a farmers market.

Driving into San Diego is not a big deal.  What is a big deal is finding a parking spot for the farmers market.

This is a wonderful farmers market that has a large variety of things for sale that attracts many.  I passed over a $10.00 parking lot with attendant saying it was too much money, and believing I could find streetside metered parking cheaper.  

I drove all around and well into downtown to finally find a street level parking lot that younpay for a ticket you put in your car window.  There was no indication of cost on the parking sign.

I go to the machine and it was $15 for 2 hours.  I said that was too much and kept driving.  Eventually, I was back next to the farmers market and yet another parking lot with the same meter setup as previously described for $15.  I trolled the small lot and finally asked and found people that were leaving.  Timing was good to get this spot.

Yes, after all that I paid $15 to park for 2 hours.  I had dropped the family off and by the time I caught up to them, they had seen about a 1/3 of the vendors without me.

I proved one thing in searching for a parking spot today, and that was supply and demand works.

We had a great time checking everything out and people watching.  It has been cold in San Diego this visit compared to last, but you can see in the picture that although it was cool it was a brilliant sunny day.

If your in the area on Saturday get to the farmers market early to find inexpensive streetside parking or just pay to park or you too will miss some of the market.


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