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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tacoma Registration - Expires On Travels

This is the first time that my Tacoma registration expired on my travels.  Since the registration lasts 2 years and last year was the first year with my Tacoma, here I was at the RTR finding out that my Tacoma registration expires at the end of February.

I wish I had thought of the expiration before I left as I may have been able to renew online early.  

I have worked the inspection of the inspection sticker back to December to have it done before I left.  Now I’m faced wineeding to renew the registration.

(Google search picture edited)

Actually renewing the registration is easy online.  The hard part is getting the new registration card and registration sticker for license plates that Massachusets uses to visually indicate an active registration.

This means I need to get the registration and sticker that will be mailed to my house.  As with my recent new credit card, I will have it delivered to my son’s house in San Diego, and take a trip over to see the family and pick it up before the end of February.

I may wish to replace my registration with a new one to have the renewal happens when I’m home.


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