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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Super Bowl Food - FWC Cooking

I had a couple friends over for Super Bowl Sunday dinner, while in the Tucson area last weekend.  I have gotten to enjoy being creative cooking in my Four Wheel Camper (FWC) on my 1 burner butane stove.

With the New England Patriots paying I wanted to see the ham on my Campers 12 volt TV, but I also wanted a ham dinner.

My starter for the game was guacamole dip with pretzel chips.

I had bought the avocados for making salads and I still had 2.  I also had romano tomatoes, yellow onyon, and a lemon from my San Diego son’s back yard tree from my visit.  I didn’t have cilantro, but did have some garlic salts seasoning.  It all worked well. 

Asparagus was my vegetable today.  With my Engel compressor fridge, I am lucky to have fresh vegetables to cook for my major meals.  I buy veggies based on rotating from one to another that are fresh at the store.  It was time for asparagus.

I do carry canned vegetables that I carry in single serving cans when I just need to eat without taking time.

Walmart had some mini spiral boneless hams, so I bought one.  I cooked it in my pan with a bit of water on the bottom.  I just simmered it for about a half hour.

Such a deal to find a small boneless ham.  As I’ve written in other blogs, I try not to have trash to dispose of.  Having a boneless ham meant I didn’t have to bag a bone for future disposal.

The ham at 2.6 lbs it was a great single burner pot size feeding the three of us with nice leftovers.

As the second side for the meal was store bought macaroni salad.  I could have made potatoes or rice but with a one burner stove cooking more than two items in one meal is a challenge.

I first slow cooked the ham and left the ham in the pan covered to keep it hot while I then cooked the asparagus.

Cooking on my one burner butane stove is a challenge when timing the meal.  The hardest meal was when I cooked omelets for four of us at the RTR.  Each inlet was elaborate and had to be individually cooked.

This year I am a lot more creative in my cooking in my FWC camper and I appreciate my friends telling me how good the food is even though I know my timing may be off.


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