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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Seeing Vandwelling Friends Who Also Blog

(My photo from RTR)

When you become a vandweller you have a choice to be part of the vandwelling community or just keep arms length.  It’s a choice we all have.  Most of my vandwelling friends are blended like me.  We choose to be part of the community and possibly be fully engaged, and then later we recharge by being by ourselves or in small groups. 

At my first RTR I stayed mostly alone and progressively I got involved and participated in activities and became friends with others.  In the following years I sought out some of the rolls I have met and stay in touch with them throughout the year.

Before the RTR got real big last year it was easy to find and enjoy quality time with my vandwelling friends.  This and last year, without texting or messaging and sharing Google pin drops, we wouldn’t know where each other is located within the masses.

I’m going to share with you three of my friends who I’ve met that share with me at least one additional thing other than vandwelling, and that is they blog too.

(Screen capture from Blaze’s webpage)

One of my first friends calls herself Blaize and she has a blog under Rubber Tramp Artist.

(Screen capture from Blaze’s webpage)

Blaize is into art and is a member of the Art Camp At the RTR and she makes collages and jewelry. 

(Screen capture from Blaze’s webpage)

She is also an author of a book of stories from her experiences as a camp host.  She brings a sense of hummer to her writings that bring a smile to my face, especially since I know her.


(Screen capture from Dan’s webpage)

Another vandwelling friend is Dan and he too is on social media.  I first met Dan at a southeast gathering in Alabama as I worked my way home. So Dan has his blog Youtube and Instagram presence.

Dan an I have something else in common as we were both in the Fore Service.  A bond beyond vandwelling!

Dan’s Youtube video of me and my Prius

I was living in my Prius and Dan wanted to interview me in Alabama where we were camped.  He did an impromptu YouTube video of my Prius setup that people still find today.

(Screen capture from Amazon webpage)

Dan has just published a book on his thoughts or “Danism’s”

Finally Dan is a Bushcrafter. He loves to share his knowledge with others.  One in particular is starting a fire without matches using a bow and stick.  He is also getting good at making knives and sheaves too.


(Screen capture from Rocy’s webpage)

Last (but not least) on this post of vandwelling friends I follow is Roxy.  Roxy does a great job of giving those that follow her blog and now YouTube and Instagram insightful information about excellent hikes in the southwest, including beautiful photos she has taken.  Her hikes have inspired me quite a few times over the last few years to seek out and find places she has hiked.

(Screen capture from Roxy’s webpage)

My desire and drive to sit in the BLM lottery to get a permit and hike to “The Wave” on the AZ/UT border.
All I had to do is follow the steps she later out in her blog.

(Screen capture from Roxy’s webpage)

Here are a few other things about Roxy.  Is is an excellent photographer.  Here writings, although are online, are well refined.  In addition to photography she likes and writes poetry.  As her title “Nomad for Nature” portrays she is a strong advocate for preservation of our environment.  I try real hard to emulate this quality.


Summary:  Here are three of my vandwelling friends. Their stories, interests, and life trike and tribulations, go way beyond what I have written here.  

If you have the time check out the respective links above to what they have to share in their blogs.

Happy vandwelling.


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  1. Thank you for sharing my blog and YouTube Channel, I truly appreciate it. I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time together at the RTR but I just had to get out of there. The RTR coupled with the movie I was in based on Jessica Burders book Nomadland was a bit overwhelming. It was actually like going to TWO RTR's, LOL. I hope to see you down the roaad, until then, Happy Trails. :-)