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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Trailer Hitch Shackle - Towing/Recovery Option

My Tacoma has a trailer hitch, often called a receiver hitch, as it can be fitted with various trailer towing items based on trailer ball size and trailer weight.  It can also be used for other things.

In fact, I have currently installed in my receiver hitch a step, to make it easier getting in and out of my camper.  It has a square tube with a step on it.

I didn’t carry any other receiver options on my travels until a few weeks ago when I was in San Diego.  I stopped into a Harbour Freight store to buy some things and saw this D- Ring Receiver Hitch.  

With this D-Ring receiver hitch I can attach the tow strap that I carry.  I did this as there are no rear points to connect a tow strap.  I already carry a tow strap, but having a tow strap and not having a place to connect it in the rear of my Tacoma didn’t make much sense.

For about $10.00 for the D-Ring receiver hitch, I can help someone get out from being stuck, but it may be handy for me to get pulled out myself.

This is something I should not look to use but to only keep it in case someone gets stuck. It’s like the snow/off-road chains I carry for all four wheels in case I go to a place that requires chains or if I need them in sand for self recovery..  They are a bit of insurance that I hope I don’t need, but should carry just in-case.


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