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Saturday, February 2, 2019

King Canyon Hike - Tucson

One if my favorite hikes in Tucson is King Canyon and on to the top of  Wassen Peak.  Today the hike was a conditioning hike and it was up the main trail to the saddle between peaks and back on an old trail.  

On the edge of the Saguaro National Park West, the beauty of the surroundings abounds. 

I was treated by some early desert flowers as Tucson has had rain every few weeks.  There is more rain expected over the next weekend.  This moisture is important to the environment, but it also brings out the spring flowers for enjoyment.

The diversity of the ground cover in the Tucson area adds so much to my hikes.

I look for new photo opportunities each time I hike the same trails as I have before.

Saguaros abound.

The hike was a good elevation over 1000 feet and at 5.3 miles it is a great exercise.


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