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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Slot Canyon Trail, Borrego Springs, CA - Hike

I recently stayed at Ocotillo Wells State Park, CA for a night, on my way to San Diego to visit family.

In addition to doing some 4x4 on the back roads with my Tacoma/FWC camper, finding some desert flower bloom, I decided to check the adjoining Borrego Springs State Park, CA, just a few miles down the road.  

Driving in this portion of Borrego Springs SP, I came across “The Slot” Canyon.  I was surprised by the number of people at the trailhead, hiking The Slot.

Above is a picture of my truck and camper on the rim of the slot canyon.

From the surface this is what the slot canyon looks like.

Down in the slot canyon the hike is very narrow.  So narrow that I could not squeeze through many narrow portions of the slot with my backpack on.  In retrospect I should have noted others without backpacks.

And the slot got narrower.

Above yet even more narrow.

This group of people spent time checking out each of the narrows.

Looking overhead, this portion of the slot canyon wall slipped and is now wedged above our heads.

Eventually the slot canyon opens up and I hiked the wash to the end. 

At the end of the trail is this interesting rock formation with all these pockets along the top.  It’s possible to drive along the slot rim, although it is narrow in many places to one car width.

The opposite end parking area of the slot canyon is 4x4 only.  The road down from the rim is extremely steep and gravel.  There is a sign cautioning this.  I opted not to take my truck/camper down as there was no viable way out if I could not make it back up the hill.

After hiking the slot canyon I explored some of the 4x4 roads in the area.  One road in particular was very steep one vehicle wide.  I got to the top but could not see the road over the nose of my truck.  I had to get out to look and decided to turn around on the hill top, as it became too difficult to see the road in many spots due to hills being steep like this.


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