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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

San Diego Gulls Hockey Game

I visited my youngest son and family in San Diego for a second time during my 2019 Travels.  Spending time in the southwest gives me the opportunity to visit with usually under 6 hours of drive time to get there.  

This trip I focused on family happenings and with the ladies going out to a show on Saturday night, this gave my son and I time to get out and do something together.  

(Picture above was a screen capture on Google Maps)

We first went to a restaurant in La Jolla called “The Spot”.  It’s a pub style restaurant and we were early enough not to run into a dinner crowd.

My son had bought the Gulls Hockey tickets online to a nearly sold out crowd.  In fact when we got to the arena about a half hour before the game started, there were significant lines trying to get in through security checkpoints.

The game was a bit slow to start but after the first goal the game score went back and forth, often tied until the Gulls went forward to take the night.

It’s great to have had a variety of things that I’m done on my travels each year.  It breaks up the trip and makes my time on the road pass quickly.

I will catch up with my oldest son and family on my travels home.


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