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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Nogales For Lunch - The Wall with Mexico

For those that know me, they know I devoure many Podcasts each day.  When I drive, the podcasts pass the time and miles for me.

The January 25th podcast of WBUR’s “Here and Know”  by Peter O’Dowd was one of my recent podcasts.
Audio version:
Text version:

The story of the podcast was about the US wall with Mexico.  After visiting the wall in Nogales, AZ, where the reporter talked to Mexicans through the slats of the wall, he went to lunch at Antonio’s Mexicanos about a mile up the road.

The reporter Peter O’Dowd by chance met and spoke with the Mayor of Nogales about the wall at the restaurant.  I was taken by the positive review the reporter gave of the restaurant, and I felt if the Mayor eats there it must be good.

My trip to Nogales to visit Antonio’s Mexicanos was after my visit to the Tubac Festival Of The Arts.  See earlier post on the subject.

I drove to Nogales and saw the wall with the newly added razor wire that Nogales has now asked the Federal Government to have it removed, as they believe it sends the wrong message to people.

The above picture is from an Internet search

My opinion is that it is ugly. Actually, very ugly.

The above picture is from the restaurant’s website

I didn’t let my political views deter me from lunch at Antonio’s Mexicanos, located at a small stripmall.  There is another Mexican restaurant just to the right of Antojitos Mexicanos, so don’t pick the wrong door.  I arrived just before noon and I’m glad I did as within 10 minutes there were 6 people waiting for seats.

Service was quick to take drinks and the meal order.  Drinks were delivered quickly.  Food delivery was a reasonable time to come considering it being cooked fresh and tables filling up and takeout orders being picked up.

Menu prices were inexpensive for the quality and freshness.  My Special burrito was $6+. I asked the waitress what the best burritos was and she recommended one with many items.  I chose steak for the meat.

Follow up service was a bit slow due to the volume of people there.  I did forget that in Mexico you need to ask for the bill.  It wasn’t until I watched others just go to the counter and pay did I figure out that I needed to take the initiative.

The quality of food was excellent.  Price was excellent.  Service was excellent too, as it was my lack of knowledge about paying the bill not theirs.

If you want a very good Mexican meal that will not break your budget head to Antojitos Mexicanos in Nogales, AZ.  

Note: I am in no way affiliated with the restaurant or the people that own and run it.  The opinion I have expressed is my own, and I did not receive compensation, real or in-kind.


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