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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Time For Tubac Festival Of The Arts

Each winter it seems that I’m in Tucson during the Tubac Festival Of The Arts.  This year I was able to attend.  Tubac is an quaint community that focuses on the sale of the arts.  Each winter the town expands with hundreds of vendors selling their arts.  

I arrive early and spend a couple of hours walking around and seeing what people have made.  There is a bit of all arts, with paintings, sculptures, carvings, jewelry, and the list goes on.  

With parking now $8.00, I thought the price may keep crowds down, but it didn’t appear to as when I was leaving before noon traffic was backed up the off ramp to town from I19 south.

I can’t begin to cover all the vendors, but this gentleman takes copper panels and transformed them into art with heat.  They are very nice.

Next door is a woman who sees her wears.  She sold a handy travel laundry bag that can hang on a roller suitcase.

Tubac is also a historic town with a mission feel to it.

If you like history the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park is a great place to visit during the festival or separately.  

For the event there are food vendors as well as the fixed restaurants and cafes throughout the town.

I went on Friday, having chose that day for the pleasant warmer weather than the previous days.


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