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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ocotillo Wells State Park - Bloom

This is my 6th year of travels and my second year of using my Tacoma / FWC camper.  This spot I found in Ocotillo Wells State Park, California is well off the main camping area, and beyond where I would take my Prius.  The abundant rain this year has made the desert green and has helped the desert flowers bloom beautifully.

I didn’t come here for the flowers, but to do some off-roading with my Tacoma 4x4.  When I saw this area I just stopped to check out the flowers.

What fun to find this mini bloom.  It adds to my wonderful travels and the excitement of finding some great photo to share.

What is also magnificent about this place is the foreground of flowers and the background of the darker hills and mountains behind.

I take all my phots with my iPhone 7.  I can’t do what big cameras do, but with a little creativity, like getting on the ground in the picture above, or the first picture above where I’m on my knees creates the perspective of interest.

I often find people on the road that are taking images of objects, like this one above where you stand above and shoot your camera down to the flowers.  A more interesting shot would be to enhance the photo image, but they don’t realize it.

Then we have this photo with foreground, mid ground, and background, the photo interest builds,

I often offer my suggestions to enhance someone’s photo.  The key is to develop “the eye” for the picture.  Take your time and frame your shots and eventually you will learn the tricks to use your cell phone too. Some tricks require kneeling, laying down, or climbing a hill or object.

I hope to find more flowers in the southwest before heading home come April, but it’s been very cold here compared to most years and the snow in the mountains between here and San Diego right now is unusual. Thus other blooms are probably delayed from other years.


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