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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Day 5 1/7/17 Hike & More Organization

I did some snow snowshoeing before I left MA and after sitting in a car for 4 days I was looking forward to a desert hike. 

Above I'm looking down at the trail parking lot where mountain bikers outnumbered the hikers.

Above looking west from my vista is Star Pass.  I have hiked here before but today I decided to take some different trails.

This is a typical trail, although some are more rocky.  I met a group of high school aged joggers running the trails.

I also met a few hikers and many mountain bikers.  All were friendly and just a nice place to hike if you are in Tucson.


I was taking my hiking boots off and putting shoes on and I felt a sting in my leg.  This Chola apparently was stuck to my left boot and it locked on my pants and through into my skin. 

I quickly pulled the cacti off/out and the pain remained for about an hour although all of the spines were out.

Here is my AllTrails app data from my hike.  It was a decent exercise.

After the hike I stopped at McDonalds and got some fast WIFI.

Then it was off to the park again for lunch and organizing the Prius.  The organizing went well, but I found a problem with my charging circuit for my LiFePo4 battery.

I will cover the charging problem and my alternatives, until I can fix the issue in a separate post.


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