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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day 17 1/19/17 - Walk is now 5 miles / Rain & Wind & Sun /Blaize Reads From Book

I woke at 3:00 this morning to rain falling and that lead me to checking the radar to ensure heavy rain that was predicted was not coming.  I am concerned about any heavy rain here as my Prius low clearance would not cross washes with any degree of runoff.  Right now radar is just showing a few showers.  As it turned out the sound of the rain was bigger than the actual ground getting wet.

Above looking west shows a break in the showers for awhile.

A look to the east shows the rain that just moved over us.


Dave and I headed out with the plan to make our walk 5 miles today and although AllTrails shows 2.3 mikes this is one way and does not include the extra we did to the morning RTR gathering.

We will plan to head to the sharp bend in the road tomorrow during our walk to ensure we have a solid 5 miles.

On the way back from the walk I saw K, as I will refer to her, out for a walk.  I met her last year and we didn't know eachother was here.  She arrived this Monday in her, new to her, Class B driving from MI in 4 days. 

It was nice to link up as she had been looking for me and I had moved away from the center.  K travels with 3 dogs. She and her dog travel well.

I am doing this walk every day to get in shape for a few hikes.  Last year I tried to hike the Tram Road in Tucson that is 7 miles round trip and didn't want to do this hike with others as I felt I'll prepared.

There is also another hike in looking at that is 10 miles one way so I'm in training mode.  

Above are the RTR potty tents.  Inside are potty pails, bags, and toilet paper.  You take away what you deposit as Bob puts it.

It rained for the 2:00 seminar where Blaize was going to read from her new book "Confessions of a Work Camper". Also there was a woman who was to talk about selling on EBay while living on the road.

Both were postponed until and this timing was right as the rain stopped and the sun came out, although cool and windy.  Blaize is selling her book here at the RTR as I noted in a previous post.  She has a good sense of humor chronicling her experience with the public while being a camp host in CA.

I also enjoyed the information about selling on EBay as I have thought about doing it before and had questions about getting started.  Very helpful.

Folks, I couldn't resist this sunny Prius/cactus picture.  Glad it is not showing all the dirt.  Gold is a good color to hide the water spotted dirt.

Even though my evening picture looks nice.  More showers are in the way.



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