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Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 18 1/20/17 - Rain / Walk / Laundry / Shipment / Moved

It rained overnight and it is expected to have showers today with heavier storms this evening. 

Our hike today took us deeper into the mountains to the east.  We got our walk in between the showers.

Above is my round trip walk with Dave.

We crushed the walk going 6 mikes in 2 hours.

Dave had to leave today to go home because his dog is sick, so for the rest of the time I'm here I guess I will take solo hikes.

I look forward to seeing Dave again in a couple weeks as I swing through Southern California.  

As soon as I listened to the morning round table at the RTR I headed out to the laundry down in Quartzsite.

It is a dreary day and it was packed at the laundromat.  With luck I got the last parking spot in the lot.  I had two loads as I have my jackets and bed linen to also wash.  I got one load washing and then got the rest with some clean clothing and used the bathroom to wash all my dirty clothing.

I lucked out with getting an open $1.75 washer for my first load and I lucked out getting the one to the right as it opened up just as I was ready.

The dryer availability is more difficult as there are fewer, but I got one as it was emptied and put my first load in.  Then my second wash load was ending as the first load was dried.  Just took out dry clothing and put in wet.  There was no waiting for me but others were queued for an opening.

Bad news.  I had ordered something from Amazon for a friend and I saw last night it wasn't delivered and the carrier returned it to Amazon.

We were told at the RTR that the best way of getting packages here was through Quiet Times.  It worked for receiving my inverter although it was delayed for some reason to the Post Office and delayed in being distributed to the PO Box. 

I stopped into Quiet Times and spoke to the woman there to let them know about the problem.  The day it happens all the time and it is because they don't have mail delivery.  They also don't know if Amazon will ship to / through the Post Office or to their building direct.  

This means their ship to address has both the street and PO box.

Their building is so close to the street when I park I am on the sidewalk.  It makes it hard for deliver trucks as there is no shoulder in the road either.

The bottom line is that it's not guaranteed to get a package delivered their.  Since this is our last weekend there is no other method for delivery so my friend will order and get their delivery on another stop on their route once they leave.

This evenings rain and because I expected the many washes to start crossing the road with water I moved down near I10 where I will not be stranded by wash erosion or high water.

I planned ahead as I don't want to be stranded until the road is repaired if it ends up needing it.  At 7:00 pm washes were flowing over the road where they cross.


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