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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 16 1/18/17 - Walk / Morning Roundtable / Los Algodones / Inverter Arrives / Talent Show

I'm starting out with the sunset picture today as the sunrise was uneventful.

Dave and I went on our morning 3 mile walk.  I'm getting to enjoy it and want to start walking 5 miles to help my hiking stamina. 

I went to the morning RTR meeting where the first part is sharing of what they want to sell and looking for help fixing things.

Then I stayed for the seminar where Bob spoke about going to Los Algodones Mexico where people go for medicine, eyeglasses and medicine.  He plans to lead a group there next week.

After the morning meeting it was noon and it was time to head to town to look for my replacement inverter.  It arrived in the Post Office in Saturday and it was held up in the PO due to the weekend and holiday.  Today it was in the Quiet Times mailbox and they had it for me.  

They charged $5.00 to accept the order for me since it came through the PO.  If the receive it to their building they charge $2.00.  The $5.00 was worth it.  They have many packages going through each day with all the people in Quartzsite. 

I also went to the grocery store for fresh fruit.  I been eating blood oranges and bananas too.

After returning from town I ate beans and hotdogs and installed the replacement inverter.  I will be discussing the inverter replacement in a separate blog post.

Evening came and it was time for the RTR talent show.  The picture above is the first to get up and he was very good at demonstrating all kinds of yo yo tricks. 

The woman with the video equipment is an Emmy Award Winning Documentary Film Maker creating a documentary of the RTR about Vandwelling.

I spoke with her today as she was interested in asking me if I would do an interview for a company she is creating YouTube videos for.  I told her I would think about it, but was more inclined to do it if it was for the Documentary.

When I get a chance I will be reviewing my blog statistics in a separate blog post.    

The clouds in the western sky highlights the rain in coastal California.  The Intellicast 7pm Thursday surface map shows rain entering the area.

When here on the BLM land any heavy rain can fill normally dry washes and make passing through them difficult to impossible.  This also includes state roads like AZ95 that runs north and south.

 If rain gets heavy I will move to less risky parking location and come back when it's over.  In the meantime the forecast is not predicting heavy rain.  In fact it is so dusty some rain would be beneficial. 



  1. Are you planning on changing the air filter or cabin filter earlier than normal? Due to the Dust?

    1. Bryce,

      Absolutely. The ride into town has been so dusty. Will need to check in February


    2. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Hope you are having a great time.

    3. Tim,

      Your welcome. I am enjoying myself.

      The RTR can be as much social interaction as one wishes. My first week had a lot of meeting new people as folks sought me out to see my Prius setup. Since then I have migrated to the outer edges of the gathering to cook and sleep at night.

      On the outer edges people are farther apart and everyone waves but few stop to visit. During the day if I want to listen to the seminars I go over to the central area and join others.

      I enjoy some social interaction on the road and as in the past I may meet up with folks as I migrate around the southwest. Other times I enjoy the downtime.

      To me it's mostly enjoying the sun and warmer weather, although I am looking for warmer temperatures in February here.