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Friday, January 27, 2017

Day 25 1/27/17 - Seattle - Still More Traveling North Though

My flight from Las Vegas arrived here in Seattle a few minutes late.  All the information stands were vacant in the airport at 7:30 pm too.  I had to get directions to where I could get an Uber or Lyft.

I found a woman at a Lyft stand with the help of a local.  She directed me to the right spot for pickup after requesting a ride.

In a few minutes I was downtown and getting a room key to link up with my oldest son who is here on business.

I dropped my bag and I was out to get something to eat and meet my son and his friends from the conference he is attending.

I didn't need much to eat so I settled for crab soup and beer.  Yes that is Westminster Crackers, a sign of home!

This morning you can see the snow covered mountains across the bay.

Light clouds means we will have filtered sunshine today.

I strapped on my dayhiker backpack to start carrying weight with my hiking for my training.  

My first stop was the Northface store where I looked at backpacks and sleeping bags for my impending backcountry overnight hike I am training for.  I learned that my 2 night hike should be done with a 50 Ltr backpack as this what the 2 men in the store for their back country hikes.  

The other thing I learned was about sleeping bags.  Inside each bag there are comfort level temperature ratings.  I was thinking of a 40 deg bag for my hike to stay as light weight as possible.  I was advised against it as it would not be warm enough for my spring hike.  It is recommended not to go above 30 degrees with a strong recommendation of getting a 15 or 20 degree bag. 

I stopped to smell the coffee.  Yea, I don't drink coffee, but I have come to enjoy a latte randomly in my life.

This white building looms over this section of town.

After lunch at a Pikes Place, Sausage place with my son Brent, we headed down to the Seattle Underground Tour.  I had been on this tour many years ago, but today we had a very funny tour guide.

The tour takes you underground where the sidewalks were originally, before the road was raised and later the sidewalks were also now at the 2nd floor level.  This original section of Seattle had its development problems, or should I say mistakes.

My son selected a brewery in the Freemont section of town and we headed there.  After the beer we were walking by this conveyer sushi restaurant we decided to eat here (above).

This restaurant has a circular conveyer with different colored plates based on a price for each color/item.  The patrons pitch the food they want off the conveyer and eat it.  When full the staff tally the price of your selections and you pay for what you are.

Our night wasn't done yet.  My son found another brewery/bar in the Freemont area that we enjoyed another craft beer before returning to our hotel.

Tomorrow we head north again to our final destination of the weekend and a special surprise. 

I wore my pack at about 20 lbs for 10 hours today covering an estimated 5 miles around the city.

I'm working up to getting the 50 Ltr backpack fully loaded to practice at full weight. 


  1. Looks like you guys are off to a fun start. Enjoy your travels in Canada!

    1. I haven't been to Seattle for years and it's great to explore with Brent II as he has great ideas on what to do. Yes. Having fun.