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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 23 1/25/17 - Moving North - Sara's Crack Hike

If you are a good detective, knowing this is a morning picture you can tell I'm headed north from the shadows!

Ok that picture of my Prius sitting on the vista last night was from Dome Rock BLM Land west of Quartzsite.  I stopped their last night for both convenience and for the opportunity to say HI to New acquaintances Ming & Elaine, who travel in a very interesting custom fiberglass camper on a Tacoma Pickup truck.  You may remember I had looked into a light-weight camper for my Tacoma.  Ming's custom camper addresses some of the concerns I had with the Fourwheel Campers I looked at before and wrote about.

This morning I was up on my way on AZ95 north with a Walmart stop in Parker, AZ for shoe laces, blister bandages, fruit, and wet wipes. My hikers have shoelaces with multiple knots.

North of Parker AZ95 follows the Colorado River with many trailer parks on both the AZ and CA sides of the river.

I wanted to continue my exercise hiking so I decided to stop in Havasu City, AZ st Sara Park for a hike through Sara's Crack to the Colorado River.

I have hiked Sara's Crack before but not all the way to the Colorado River.

You start off walking some distance in a wide wash.

The Crack is narrow and with spots that you need to climb as high as 7-8'.  The highest spot you climb has a poly rope bolted to the rock as to climb back you hold the rope and you plant your feet and pull and climb/walk the face of the rock.

Last year when I was here there was more sand in the Crack leaving less climbing.  Recent heavy rains have scraped out the sand with the force of the water.

After leaving the Crack you walk in the wash until you reach this thicket just before the river.  You need to climb the side of the bank to get around the thicket as there is no path through.

Sara's Crack hike brings you here at waters edge near the large rock pullers.

Straight ahead is a rest spot and the beautiful Colorado River.

I met a couple on their way out as I was headed back and they told me of the arch high above the Crack.  I climbed the side of the Crack to get this picture.  I thought the path went all the way around the Crack, but it didn't so I had to climb back down and back though the Crack. 

You can see the small side trip on the map above.

I like looking down for things as I hike.  I found this animal print.  I have no clue what it was from.

I took this picture before heading down to climb back up through the Crack.  In the Crack I met 2 couples wanting me to take their pictures, that I was glad to do.  

I then grabbed the rope and scaled the 8' rock face.  Three of the four people followed.  The last woman was apprehensive to grab the rope, plant her feet perpendicular to the risk and pull the rope as you walk up.  Four of us all offered our support and encouragement.

My day of travel isn't done as I continued to head north.  Can you guess where I'm headed for a long weekend?

I guarantee you will be surprised and interested where I'm going.  Of course there are some close family and friends that know, but the rest of you don't.  

I'll give you a hint (and possibly a history lesson) tomorrow. 


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