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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 24 1/26/17 - Where I'm Going Hint: 54° 40' or Fight


Yesterday after I left Havasu City and took the Mohave Highway off of I40 to Bullhead City.

Here along the Colorado River the sand has consumed the road only to have heavy equipment move it off into15 foot bankings on the side of the road.  Testimony to the amount of rain they have had here.

Here is my destination for the night.  The Colorado Belle Casino.  No not to boondock, but to stay in the hotel.  You will find out why below.

The Colorado Belle is in Nevada across from Bullhead City, AZ.

I haven eaten out once in 3 weeks although I was looking to go while in Quartzsite.  Last night was my chance and went to the Edgewater Casino buffet.

I arrived early having gained an hour crossing from AZ to NV and there were just a few people there.  By the time I walked out stuffed to the gills,  a couple of bus loads of people arrived.  Yes I ate too much.

Here was the view from my hotel room.

This is why I stayed here last night.  That's right $16.88 for a hotel room for the night.  Heck it was a bit more for the buffet with tip.  In comparison, it costs $12.00 for a shower at Pilot truck stop so I planned this for my stop before I headed out this morning still driving north.

I'm headed out this morning heading north again on 95.  Check out the snow on the mountains.  So much rain and snow this year.

I stopped in Boulder City to do laundry so I have enough clean clothing for my long weekend getaway. 

I will be at my destination tonight.  I hope the hint above helped with where I am headed.

Is that NY NY in the distance?  I must be in Las Vegas. 

Not my final stop today!

I've given up my Prius for an airplane to get to my destination way north if here.

More on my destination tomorrow.



  1. That sure is a cheap room!! I remember staying at that same hotel when I was a teenager and we drove cross country.

    1. I've never none better in a room rate. You can tell you staying mid-week and off season. It's a nice stopover without paying Las Vegas $16 resort fee on top of their room rates, not to mention many that are charging $10 a night to park.