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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dat 29 1/31/17 - Seattle to AZ

Above is the view of our hotel room last night at the DoubleTree at Sea-Tac Airport for my flight back to my Prius.

The weather cleared over the distant white capped mountains in the distance.

Boarded for my flight to Las Vegas to get reacquainted with my Prius Campervan after 5 days.

No stopping on my way south as I wanted to get to my spot for the night while there was enough light to see where I was driving off-road. 

The picture above is the Colorado River as I crossed into AZ from Needles, CA.

I made it to parking spot for the night.  The coloring of the sky behind this rocky hill tonight here in AZ was a perfect backdrop.  I was actually warm tonight as it was 20 degrees warmer here in AZ than Seattle or Victoria.

Tomorrow is a day I have to work on a few things before moving on.  Then it is on to my next destination for the weekend. More on that tomorrow.


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