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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 27 1/29/17 - Victoria Hike - Cousin Lunch - Pub Dinner

Son Brent &a I got up early and drove out of the city to our Rainforest/ Beach Hike at China Beach.

The hike wasn't that extensive but it was sufficient since rain was headed in.

The sun sits low in the sky this far north this time of year.

There was one woman surfing on the 3 foot waves while her male friend carried a baby in a pouch.  

I found this animal footprint and it was quite large with long nails.

The rain for the day did come as we were in need of leaving to head for our lunch appointment.

Our lunch was with cousin Graeme MacAloney and his wife at there home in the greater Victoria area.

Today Graeme and I discussed more genealogy and Graeme, with his greater book study of the Cameron Clan, Explained how the MacAloney's may have come to be in Scotland and how they came to be in Northern Ireland before the migration of my MacAloney line went to Nova Scotia and his MacAloney family went back to Scotland.

Our MacAloney family name is an old name based on studies that Graeme has done.  For some reason our family changed their name to McAlonan when they were in Northern Ireland, to change it back to MacAloney during migration out of Northern Ireland.

Something caused the various MacAloney families to change their names back, resurrecting the name from being lost.  There is much we don't know, but the fact that Graeme and I have the same make Y chromosome makes us blood relatives.  

Graeme's goal to seek out one male MacAloney from each line of MacAloney's to genetically prove we are all one family since we don't have records to prove it.

We also want to prove the line back to the Cameron Clanz 

After saying bye to Graeme and his family Brent and I stopped at Category 12 brewing for a tasting.

Here is my sampler of beer.  The beer was good and the woman waiting in us was excellent and gave us advise on a place to eat tonight.

Based on the suggestion we got we ate at Garrick's Head Pub where Brent and I both had a burger and a local draft brew.

After eating we walked over to Chinatown to look around.

After seeing Chinatown we walked over to the British Columbia Legislature building, above.

Tomorrow Brent and I try to get a few more things in before we sail back to Seattle for the night (Monday) and then fly back to our homes (Tuesday), mine being the Prius for 3 more months.

After I get back to Las Vegas and my Prius, I will be heading south for my next adventure.  

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