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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 19 1/21/17 - Sun / Hike / Big Tent / Book Signing / Burning Van

I returned to the RTR in the sun this morning after a night of wind and rain parked next to the tar road near I10.

The washes that cross the road still had water collected where it was trapped by the side brim the grader put there my first day here.

This is why I didn't want to be out here during the heavy rain.  My low clearance Prius is not suited for such adventures.

I know many of the followers of this blog do so for my technical review of things and helpful how to do of this or that in a Prius.

Since I left home I have not yet shared much in the way of uniqueness with regard to Prius Travel Life.  I assure you that I have some stories and reviews like the Stanley Coffee Press I posted. 

Much of my time has been associated with the RTR.  I have been spending time with folks that I mostly see yearly, meeting new people, and talking a lot.

This is a big shout out to the folks that follow my blog that are vandwellsers, many of them new and I talked to about my Prius setup here st the RTR.  I may not remember your names but I usually remember faces, so if you run into me just come up and remind me.  Also, there were so many of you I wish I could have spent more time with or some time if we didn't get to speak.  Just email me and ask your questions and I will do my best to respond.

I'm back to solo walks in the am.  Today 5.3 miles - 3 mph - 400 ft elevation.  I had a sore left big toe yesterday so I bandaged it today for my walk.  It's still a bit tender later today but I'm pressing on to get in condition for 10 miles one way with overnight and then back 10 miles.  All with a pack, tent, sleeping bag, camp pad, etc.  so I will need to start carting a pack in February. 

I'm hiking on a BLM road.  This is the right side heading back to camp.

This is the strip mine on the other side of the road.  The hills from right to left are extracted dirt.

There is an active gold mine near here.

Today is the first day of the big tent event with everything RV.  All kinds of vendors selling whatever someone in an RV wants or someone else thinks they need. 

Inside was not as crowded as last year but I'm later today having arrived at 12:30.

I didn't need anything and I didn't buy anything.

Blaize did some additional readings from her book and signed books.  I brought my book that I bought from Amazon forvher to sign.

Our last official sunset at RTR as this is the official last night of the event.

A tradition last year was started called burning van.  Tony & Karen made the van to burn out of cardboard.  This year they built the van to burn out of plywood. 

Above, the fire is ready for the van burn.  Since I've kind of met my limit of posting size I will cover burning van in a separate post. 

Although this is the end of the event, I will be staying a couple more days.


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