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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Zion National Park - East Side - Saturday, 3/26/16 (Day 83)

It's Saturday after driving over from morning hike at Bryce Canyon.

Welcome to the east side of Zion.  Many never get to see this side of the park as it is separated by a tunnel and switchback road.  See previous post on  parts of Zion NP.

Here hills and mountains are all rock.  This tree makes for a great picture as it looks like it is planted on a stone planter.

A hike up on this hillside brought me to artwork out of stone or is it graffiti?

People left their mark by drawing this heart testifying their love.

Then there is this whimsical face graffiti.

My friend Blaize who has a blog I follow recently did a story on love locks she captured in photos.  
Here blog on love rocks is here.

I'm now capturing rock graffiti.

The rocks clinked like they were fired like clay pots.

This longhorn sheep visited while I was there.  I could hear the hoofs on the bare Rock. 

This flower on the hill gave off its bright red colors for folks daring to climb off trail to see.


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