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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hackle Road - BLM

Of the 3 BLM sites i have reviewed in the area, Indian Bread Rocks, Hot Well Dunes, and now Hackle Road, I decided to stay at Hackle Road. My decision was because of the LTE cell service, but the view and beauty of the sunset, sunrise, and stars in the wide sky, we're just spectacular.  

Also what is nice about Hackle Road - BLM is that it is close to a very nice town of Stafford, AZ.  Stafford has a McDonald's and 24 hour Walmart.  What more cant a guy living in his car want.  

Also I left temperatures in the 80's in Ticdon behind as I am higher in elevation the high was in the 60's all day.

Sunset with last rays of sun hitting the opposite mountain range to the east.

Morning sunrise.  Much better in person!

Now doesn't the picture above just say it all about the serenity and beauty of my spot.  

My closest neighbor is off in the distance to the car.

Now do you see it?

Yes I'm 10 minutes from a nice town with whatever you need.

If you can't tell I liked this spot.

Oh, before I go.  The Hot Well Dunes is 25 miles to my south and it's just $3.00 to take a dip/soak or if you have your senior National Park Pass $1.50.


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