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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gobblin Valley State Park - Thursday, 3/24/16 (Day 81)

There were some people at Capitol Reef National Park that spoke of Goblin Valley State Park being a great place to go visit.

I had driven past the access road on my way from Canyonlands NP to Capitol Reef NP but didn't know anything about Goblin Valley.  It is not near any good size towns and is half way between I15 and The UT/CO border 

I checked into Goblin Valley while at Park Cit, UT, and it was added to the places to visit after I left Patk City.

Leaving Park City at 7:00 am I made it to Goblin Valley before lunch.  It's about a 4 hour drive.

There is a fee to enter Goblin Vslley SP and you can also pay to camp in the small campground at the State Park.  There is also a good spot to disburse camp for free on BLM land at the entrance road to the park.

The goblin formations sit at the edge of sandstone cliffs that are eroding as seen above.

This is the most interesting rock formation that I found that looked like a goblin.

This is a great place for children to run around and explore, or possibly hide from you, or you hide from them.

I like the formation above with a smile, happy eyes, nose and floppy ears.

There are so many different shapes to look at and climb and sit on.

This picture is oriented correctly!

The errosion of the sandstone left this horizontal extension.

Above I see a turtle on the left.

Here is a view of goose or duck.

Then there is the large rock being balanced by an ever softer eroding spire.

There are so many formations to photograph.

On the leeward side of the sandstone cliffs is all flat desert. A walk round to this side is quiet as most don't come to this side.

A hike of about 3-4 miles takes you the Goblin Lair in the center crack, above.

The Goblin Lair is this cave that is up inside the side of the cliffs on the picture above this one.

If you are in southern Utah and have a half a day to spend check out Gonlin Valley State Parks.


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