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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tuzigoot National Monument - 3/7/16 (Day 64)

There are two National Monuments northwest of Phoenix.

The first is Montezuma Castle National Monument that is close to I17 near Camp Verde, AZ and Tuzigoot National Monument is in the town of Cottonwood, AZ where the pin drop is on the map above.

I have reviewed Montezuma Castle on past travels so I didn't go to cover it on this trip. 

The Tuzigoot NM is a fee area so my senior pass got me in for free.  The man behind me in line checking in, with a younger woman, appeared older than me and when he approached to pay the ranger said you can pay $20.00 for both of you or you can spend $10.00 for both of you if you get the senior pass today.  

I chuckled and I was overheard by the ranger and he said that gentleman knows the value of the pass.

The man with the young woman asked if the pass was also good at Montezuma Castle, and the ranger said at all national parks and monuments.

There is a very short walk up a concrete sidewalk to the ruins, that may not meet handicapped standards for incline but pushing a wheelchair would work. 

The site here are Native American ruins but unlike the cliff dwellers at Montezuma Castle it was on a small hill and they farmed the river valley.

There is a set of stairs to get some elevation to look down on the ruins that were multi story.

When you visit these sites it's amazing how much labor went in to these communities and how difficult life must have been.

It doesn't take long to go through the site so please combine it with the Montezuma Castle.


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