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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Arches National Park - Part 4 (Window Arches & Turret Arch)

This is my fourth installment of my visit to Arches National Park on Thursday, 3/17/16  (Day 74)

Above is North Window Arch.

As previously noted I broke up the visit to Arches NP to cover the logical grouping of arches visited.  This may help you plan your future visit to Arches NP.

Welcome to South Window Arch.  Yes those are people on the floor of the arch.  The arch is the sister to the North Window Arch.

Together they are called The Windows (Arches) North (left) & South (right) side by side.

The "Windows" are easy to get to with a short hike to the sisters (Window Arches).

In the foreground is Turret Arch and with this camera angle is South Window Arch is directly in the background so you can see through both.

Turret Arch is close to "The Windows" so you will want to include viewing all three at the same time.

You can do the same shot by doing some limited climbing to look through theTurret  Arch to the North Window.

From Turret Arch looking south you get this great view of the mountains off in the distance.

Here is another view of the mountains through these geological features near Turet Arch.


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