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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sportsman Expo - Scottsdale - Sunday, 3/13/16 (Day 70)

I thought it would be interesting to go see the Sportsman Expo in Scottsdale, AZ on Sunday as I make my way to Las Vegas on Monday.

With admission of $12.00 and parking at $5.00, the $17.00, all cash by the way, just about made me decide to pass on attending.

There were three main exhibit areas.  The first building, above, was mostly booths selling high end lodge sporting trips, guides for sporting trips, and big game hunting / fishing trips.  Of these some were Africa safari trips.  Many trips were to Alaska and Canada.

There were taxidermists, gadgets, and hunting/fishing supplies too

Here is a gadget to help get you unstuck in the back country.

These guys were selling a picnic table fan that chases flys away from your food.

When I was leaving the show I did spot their vehicle advertising their product.  I can't vouch for its usefulness.


The other big building across a large asphalt exhibit area, above, was all about boating.  

Boats of all sizes were for sale some very expensive ones say sold on them.  Others had signs to remove shoes before walking onboard.

There was a large fish tank with an expert explaining fishing techniques to oh so few people.  He was actually good at explaining some less used casting techniques.

(Wiki photo)

Of the different products, there were two companies selling water jet packs that hook to hoses that propel you flying around above the water.

See the following link on one of these products.


Your golf cart and pontoon boat on one trailer.

5th wheelers with tint grated toy haulers.

Roof top tent.

The last exhibit area was in half of the asphalt area between the two large buildings.  There were toy haulers, 4x4 toys, trailers, Class A, Class B, Class C, and 5th wheelers to check out.  There were also off road trailers and over the roof tents.

My overall impression of the first building was that unless I was looking for a big game adventure (fish or 4 legged) it wasn't compelling to attend for the cost.

On to building two.  If i wasn't looking for a boat or boat supplies this building didn't have a big appeal.

The outdoor area was of most interest to me in that it's interesting to see rigs and setups for camping, but there were no compelling deals that I saw.

Overall I spent an hour and a half at the show and most of my time was looking at camping rigs.  To me this is a big money event that attracts those with lots of disposable money or dreamers.

I didn't feel it was worth the money I spent and I should have passed on attending, opting to spend my money on other things.


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