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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Death Valley - Super Bloom - 3/8 + 9/16 (Day 65 & 66)

I was traveling in Arazona and saw a blog post Monday night about Death Valley having what has been described as a "Super Bloom" and I knew I had to go to see it.

I toured Cottonwood, Jerome, Prescott, Yarnell, and Wickenburg, AZ, and I settled into Quartzsite for Monday night. There will be a post for this travel but I preempted my blog cycle to bring you this historic event. 

I got up early Tuesday and drove the 244 miles to get to Death Valley just after lunch.

Since I was going from AZ to CA I gained an hour so I started taking pictures with the afternoon light.

I first had to find where I should go to take pictures.  Near Furnace Creek there was some color but I was looking for the best.  Here is a drop pin on this side road  that ended up.

Here is also where I found many others including professional photographers and the best density of colors and backdrops.

Here is a sample of my photos.  The yellow is the Desert Sunflower  (Geraea canescens).

More info at:

Although yellow is the primary color there are many other plants that are flowering.




Another white.

And this tiny plant with tiny white flowers.

I camped at the dry camping with flush toilets at Furnace Creek.  It was only $6.00 with my senior pass (reg $12.00)


I got up early this AM (Wednesday) to get some low angle early light to take some more pictures before leaving the park.

Things look different in low angle light and you can see the difference in this morning's pictures below than the afternoon light pictures above.

I know it's not the same as being there in person, but I hope you enjoyed the "Super Bloom".



  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures, I'm glad you were able to make it to see this. I'm in Northern CA and will see if I can get down there for the weekend to view before it ends.


    1. TIna,

      It was wonderful to see. If you go I took many of my pictures on Beatty Road.

      Best Wishes,