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Friday, March 11, 2016

Jerome, AZ - 3/7/16 (Day 64)

After leaving Tuzigoot National Monument I decided to make my way to nearby Jerome, AZ

Jerome, once a mining town on a hill/mountain transformed into a small tourist town with small quaint shops.

Once you get into town you find a nice variety of different shape and sized buildings nestled in against narrow streets.

The Jerome Grand Hotel is in the upper left.

The Fire Department is on the far end of town.

A tour bus was parked off the side of the road to the right of the picture.

There are two main business district streets.  This is the upper one.

Parking is limited and cars towing and larger campers may have difficulty finding a place to park when it's busy.  Being a Monday morning there was plenty of parking.

I actually went looking for a late and Danish but didn't find the combination.  There was a bar that served late/expresso but doors were open to the cool morning (50 deg) and there were no available seats and there was no Danish being served.

I continued to walk and check out a restaurant serving breakfast but they weren't serving what I wanted.

I looked at the post office sign trying to figure out what image they were looking for.  Rundown/lack of maintenance or some old western period look.  I say spruce it up.

The old fire station that says twown all but come to find out the town hall is up on the hill behind this building.

I liked this building the most.  Two stories of porch and brick with different shape.

On the building is this sign proudly advertising "House Of Joy" with a raised leg with striped stockings.

I couldn't figure out what image they were going for as well.

After my brief stay in Jerome, I wasn't compelled to go to the mining museum to keep me longer, I continued up the steep mountain road behind Jerome on my way to Prescott, AZ

Above 6000 feet on my way to the crest at 7000 feet snow was left over in the woods from recent storms.

Jerome is a nice small town with a number of shops, bars, restaurants, and museum to keep visitors happy for up to a half a day.  I don't do much shopping, including browsing, especially on a long drive day like today.



  1. I'm not much of a shopper/browser either. I would have liked it for the hillside location and old buildings

    1. John,

      That's exactly what I enjoy. I don't need more stuff in my life but I'll take all the visual and interpersonal stimuli from meeting people that I can get.


  2. Thanks for sharing your visit to Jerome with the rest of the world, Brent.

    I recently visited Jerome too and will write a post about it soon (or at least someday).

    I spent a lot of time at the Douglas Mansion Museum in the Jerome State Park. It is a REALLY well-put-together museum. The Audrey Headframe was really cool too.

    I wasn't much into the shopping, as I have never the space nor the money for more stuff. But I did enjoy look at the town.

    1. Blaize,

      I will be looking forward to your review of the Museum in Jerome on you blog

      That day that I went through Jerome I was just touring, checking out BLM disbursed camping, and the Tuzigoot National Monument. Then I went over the mountains to Prrscott Valley, Wickenburg and ended up in Quartzsite, AZ.

      Not the kind of drive to check out too many places.