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Monday, March 7, 2016

Hole In The Rock - Papago Park

Sunday afternoon 3/6/16 (Day 63) after my local brew pub visit to The Perch, I decided to head over to the Hole in the Rock that is in Phoenix but on the border of Scottsdale.  To the south is the Phoenix Zoo and to the east is the Bitanicsl Gardrns.

I was by here the other day and I could see many people hanging out in the hole / in the rock.

With lots of nooks and crannies the mountain is popular for those with good sneakers, and no fear of heights, to climb all over it.

You climb through this small hole to the other side where the opening is much larger.

Some you see walk along the ridge and others hold on.

When I came through the small hole to the back I came upon a girl about 10 or 11 too timid to come through.  I professed to her, as her mother looked on, that I didn't like heights but was not scared as stairs had been carved out of the rock.  

She came through and down the stairs, although very cautious, she did it.  I now noticed her father waiting for her to come down.  I couldn't tell if I had aggravated him by my coaxing, but he didn't say anything.

Some choose to climb and sit on the steep surfaces.

The wind was up this afternoon and the hole passing to the other side was quite windy.

Off in the distance is downtown Phoenix.

Down below is a picnic area that looks like an oasis.


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