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Monday, March 7, 2016

A Dilemma In The Men's Room

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My Dilemma:

Being on the road means I use a lot of public rest rooms.

I see a lot of negative things in these rest rooms, like.... Well, you know.

Actually many restrooms are mediocre.  A few are excellent and as I have reported even some pit toilets are very nice.

Sunday, I stopped in an overly populated McDondalds near a mall in Mesa, AZ.  

I need to use the men's room and chose the urinal.  As I approached there was a fresh - unused McDonalds brown napkin laying on top of the urinal candy.  

By the way, the toilet stall was occupied and I needed to go now not later.

It flashed in my head what would I do.  Do I take the paper out or just go on it and leave it for the poor McDonalds employee to deal with later.

What is the right thing to do?

I remembered when I worked as a custodian, funding my way through college, and I knew what I would want someone in my situation to do.

The McDonald's employee will never know, but they didn't have to later fish out a wet napkin laying on the urinal candy.



  1. Good for you for doing the nice thing, Brent. This is a good reminder that none of us know what nice things others are doing for us behind the scenes. Perhaps we are surrounded by more niceness than we know.

    1. Blaize,

      I too would like to think people would do the right thing. I just need to live with myself and do right by others.


  2. I always wondered what kind of jackass did that type of stuff like putting paper in a urinal. It reminds me back to my days in the Boy Scouts where at camp, some clown took a shit in the urinal. Who does that?

    1. Brent

      Boys will be boys and we can only hope they grow up.