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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rear Platform Problem Solved

In the rear behind the passenger seat is my bed.  That is my orange sleepingbag.  Under it is an elaborate articulating plywood base that uses the Prius rear seat back hinges.  When the forward section is folded down one side sits on the center arm console.  The other side was designed to be supported by a wooden rod with threaded end that screws into the corner.  

The problem is that every time I have to lift the plywood to access the storage underneath I have to unscrew the rod and then red crew it when I set it back down.  This was too much work.

Here is the green thermorest mattress pad under my sleeping bag.

Now a picture with plywood lifted exposing my clothing bags.  The bags are pillow case bags that are waterproof.  These bags conform to the space available.

The change I made was to take out the recessed nut in the plywood that the threaded end of the wooden rod goes into.

This allows me to just lift the plywood to access the area underneath.  When I put it back I just hold the wooden rod as I lower the plywood and insert the rod in the leftover hole, not having to screw it in.  This is much simpler.


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