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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 10 - Staying Put for the Day

Sunrise from my campsite.  It was 40 deg this am with the high going to 65 deg.  Still better than the 10 inches of snow that they got back home yesterday.

Here is a picture from home half-way through the storm.  The ambulance was caught going to a hiker having a medical emergency.

I thought about taking a hike today, but decided to stay put as there are many hunters here and gun fire can be heard off and on not too far from the campground.  They are hunting Hogs.  When the wife of a hunter told me what he was hunting I thought she said hawks.  The comment took a second to translate to hogs.  He returned without one.

I also chose to stay at the csmpground and take the opportunity to sit by the pond and read a book on my iPad.

This camping area is free to campers as I noted yesterday.  It is a carry in - carry out policy, so there is no dumpster. I have two bags of trash to take with me tomorrow.  One recycle and on trash.  I had a campfire so I burned the cardboard and paper.

There are pit toilets here that are composting. There is a sign on the door that is dated 1/8/15 that the solar fan is not working and parts have been ordered.  They offer an alternative at the equestrian campground on the same land 3 miles away.  There are two pit toilets here and both have same sign.  I think the solar fan pumps in fresh air.  Bring a clothespin for the nose.

There is no running water.  You need to bring all your water.  I guess you could toss a pail in the pond but I stayed away from the edge of the pond with the small alligator that is roming around it.  I brought 9 gallons of water.

I decided to clean up and wet shave when it warmed up.  It was 11:00 and I decided to clean up by washing my hair by heating water in the 12 volt water heater and made more hot water to wash up.  I will cover hygiene details in a separate blog later.

Here was my afternoon view while sitting reading the ebook.

There is a campsite over there on the peninsula.

Dinner was salad with leftover chicken from yesterday.

I think there are 5 campers here including myself tonight as the rest went home after the weekend.

 Tonight I decided to set up my Laptop/TV and watch it tonight.  The only problem is from where I am I don't get any of the three major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC).  I have it on now to keep me company while writing my posts.

I can lay in bed and watch TV.

Tomorrow I get up early and head back to Leesburg and meet up with Mom & Aunt and meet friends for Lunch.


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