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Monday, January 26, 2015

Nights in the Prius

I posted this picture last night and it reminded me that I have had a number of questions and comments about sleeping in the Prius.

I come in the Prius for the night just as it gets dark.  That means before 6:00 pm this time of year, and go to sleep between 9 & 10.  That's 3-4 hours of being up in the Prius.  When it's cold in the car I get under the covers right away and don't deal with the TV.  Here in the desert its warmer and I have a choice to sit in bed and watch TV.  I put the TV on the shelf I have on the back of the seat I made next to the bed as seen to the right in the above picture.

I can also sit in the chair next to the bed facing forward and watch TV having it sit on the back seat table as shown on the picture above.

I would not tell you that sitting in bed is optimum for a 5'11" male to try to sit erect as I can't or I need to rest my head and be partially erect.  

This is the worse part of evenings in the Prius if it's cold.  It's not sleeping that causes me problems as my bed is 6'2" long and I fit nicely, even under the privacy cover that comes with the Prius.

I would rather be warm and be able to use the seat I made and keep bed for when I sleep.

When I was first test sleeping in the Prius at home before I finished my design it was cold and I wondered if the Prius may get to be too small for my travels.

The Prius is small but this not a sleeping problem for me and I don't feel claustrophobic in it.


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