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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 13 - Leesburg to Lake City, FL

There was frost on the top of the roof at the bathroom at the park before sunrise.  No complaints but it's only going to be in the 50's again today.

I said my goodbyes to Mom and Aunt and told Aunt about dryer vent repair.  While sitting at the kitchen table I noticed a battery clock on the kitchen cabinets.  It is mounted through the cabinet wall.  It needed a battery change but neither of them are tall enough and they should not consider standing on anything other than their own two feet.  I changed the battery and was on my way north to Lake City.

I stopped in Lake City McDonalds and it had the fastest WIFI I have had in one in a long time.  I was downloading podcasts and app updates on both the IPhone and IPad at the same time and there were 5 or 6 others working in their mobile devices too.

The young lady who waited on me told be to have a "Blessed Day".  I then took my seat and the man wearing the white shirt was having a discussion about religion.  It went on for the 30 minutes I was there.  I think he was preaching at McDonalds.  This was a first.

I arrived at the Osceola National Forest's Hog Pen Landing.  Yea, I know it sounds kind of odd but it is a nice looking campsite.

I met up with the Roving Group of Vandwellers Cuz Dick.  To him everyone is called Cuz so I'm Cuz Brent.

I got a spot across from the pit toilets.  I have a picnic table too.

We currently have 3 vans, 1 Class A (motorhome) 1 pickup towing travel trailer, and me and my Prius campervan.

Now for the landing and lake.

I made dinner early as I skipped lunch.  Yesterday I had bought beef strips so I cooked the entire package and used half and put the other half in the fridge for tomorrow.  The beef with salad and pees.  

With dinner done I scavenged wood with others for an evening fire.

I will be here for a few days before heading to my next desination.

Although we have toilets there is no drinking water and no rubbish removal.  Another carry In/out place.



  1. That's what happens when I mix food and bathroom discussion in sane blog.