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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Prius stats for first leg of trip (MA to FL)

We traveled 1380.9 from MA to FL.  

I spent $362.60 on the Class B Coachman Campervan last year for fuel to make the same trip.
This year I spent $65.05 for fuel.  That's 18% of last year.

We need to factor in that fuel was cheaper this year.  Today's gas costs are about 40% less than last year so in this years terms, if the Campervan made the trip this year I would have paid about $231.68 and that would be 3.5 times more than what I paid for the Prius gas this year.

I didn't try to get down to the exact difference but to do a comparison of the two normalized for the gas price change this year.

In either case I'm happy with paying less fuel as a presentage of my costs.

More on comparison between the two trips in the future.


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