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Saturday, January 24, 2015

First Night of Stealth Camping

Below is my bed on the 60% fold-down side of the Prius, on the left is my high efficiency Engel cooler that runs on A/C or DC. I love this cooler.  Expensive but does a great job while using low power.  In front of the cooler is my dedicated seat.

Well, my fist stealth camping was last night, although you could say my camping in my cousin's parking lot last year was stealth too.  The difference was that this was in a car and parked on the corner of the street in a visitor parking spot and very visible with people walking and driving by it all night.

I planned out the setup of the Prius much better last evening.  I went out after we returned from dinner and made my Prius Campervan stealth by putting up the curtains, getting my clothing for the morning out, and basically being ready to open the driver's side rear door stepping in, getting undressed and getting in the bed.

At 10:00 pm I went out and just stepped in and it was dark, with no one around and I wasn't seen and closed the door.

I undressed brushed my teeth and went to sleep.  I needed to plan the morning as it is best to be up before others so you can get up, wash up in the car, get dressed in the car, and unstealth the car, step out of the rear passenger door and that's it. To do this I set my alarm for 6:00 am while it was still dark. 

I do want to say my cousin Joan was gracious and offered for me to stay in her apartment, but I needed to get to stealth sometime to learn the ropes, so I declined her offer.  She has a couple of friends that live in he apartment complex she told of my staying in the car. 

This am I sat in my dedicated seat and got the wash basin out and put some water in and washed my whole body with a facecloth.  I drain the dirty water in a funnel that drained into a large laundry detergent bottle.  This what i did with the water from brushing my teeth last night.  I pull out the funnel and put the cap on the container and store the funnel.  It took me 40 minutes from getting up until getting out of car.

Her is the dedicated seat and the yellow waste water container of a recycled laundry detergent container.

I have a plastic hanger for the facecloth and hang the wet towel on the back of the driver's chair.

Dirty clothing gets put in a dirty clothing bag and I was done.  Oh, no I didn't wet shave as I normally do and although I could have, I bought a new mustache trimmer and it has a razor head and does well for a substitute wet shave.  It also saves water and when I boondock in AZ where water is not plentiful, I have one less water usage.

Here is my shaver.  I bought it for the mustache trimmer and was surprised by the nice shave it gives.  It's rechargeable from the inverter I put in the Prius.

Here is the Prius rear cover to help hide the camping items in the back of the Prius.  It's just high enough to allow my body under the bar and be able to turn over if I'm careful.



  1. Wow, I am claustrophobic after seeing all these pictures of tiny spaces!

  2. Wow, I am claustrophobic after seeing all these pictures of tiny spaces!