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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ross from Alberta

I met Ross at the campground in Deming, NM having come up to me with "Your a long way from home." while looking at my Mass license plate. 

Ross is about 5'6" gray haired and retired about 20 years ago and has had many motor homes where he tows a car.  He looked at my vintage camper and said that he and his wife would like to downsize to something like mine.  Obviously the concept of what I have but newer.  

He had a similar rig on a Chevrolet chassis that was built in the late 1980's and knew mine had the well known Chevrolet 350 V8.

Ross is from Alberta, Canada where he heads home in the summer but also travels in the summer too.  He went on a ferry along the Alaska inside passage with his rig and got off in Alaska.  He toured the state and drove home.  He says that is the way to go as reservations are a must for big rigs and they could spend as much time as needed then drive home when done.

We discussed my rush across TX to get away from the artic front and he did the same thing with another front a few weeks before.  In fact he got caught in the front change like me and broke through before El Paso identical to my passage.

Knowing I was heading west he gave me a tip to stay in Tucson at the fairgrounds. He says it is reasonably priced and if you go during an event it is also great to attend.  He was recently there during an event with horses.  I will check it out as my trip over is not a stretch travel day.

Ross has a perpetual smile with bright eyes and a laugh that causes other to smile too.

I have met a lot of people on the road but have not met my goal to meet someone new everyday.  I guess it was unrealistic considering that many days on this trip I leave camp at 7am and get in at 4pm make dinner and clean the camper and try to catch up on mail.

Yesterday was different as I got an early start but finished early leaving time for people.

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