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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Managing costs on the trip - January numbers

I had a goal when I left on the trip to try to keep my expenses to $50 per day.  This doesn't sound like a lot but when you add up my trip of 14 weeks times 7 days = 98 days times $50 = $4900 for the trip.

I knew in advance that I will be staying with my aunt and sons so this helps average out the number.  I also knew that I couldn't be paying for expensive lodging each night, going out to eat a lot.  On the other had if I wanted to do something I would do it.  I just totaled the January numbers and the costs are in for the 15 days on the road,

Breakfast $0
Lunch $42.40
Dinner $49.65
Snacks $17.01
Groceries $72.72
Lodging $81.00
Miles driven 2041
Gallons 170
Fuel costs $560.73
Entertainment $57.00
Misc $124.06

Total 1004.82
$66.99 per day

I would have made it closer to the $50 per day if it wasn't for the misc. that averaged $8.27 per day

Once I get to CA and I stay relatively still and I am not buying gas every day my costs will stabilize a bit.

Overall I feel good about my cost management so far.

It certainly has helped with gas prices near $3.00 for a few segments of the trip.  CA will be a different story.

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