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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 16 - Saturday 2/1/14 - Two Weeks Down Three Months To Go

I met a milestone in my trip now being gone 2 weeks. All but one night I have slept in the camper and I can say that winter is not the time to have a shakedown trip.  Some nights in MD were a bit cold for the roof heater.

Before I left I tried to do as much as I could to check out the camper systems, at the same time pack what I need, and get things done around the house.  I tried a couple times to figure out the built-in propane heater before leaving, but just didn't have the time to troubleshoot why it didn't work.

Since being Florida I have figured out the workings of the 3-way powered refrigerator and this afternoon's goal was get the bicycle out of the back bed and mounted to the new bike rack and figure out the propane heater.  The bicycle was on the rear couch/bed since I left waiting for the trailer hitch extension that I missed the delivery in MD due to getting out of town before that nasty cold front on 1/21.

Brent 2 sent the trail hitch extension to FL but I missed it as I took off to West Pa Beach earlier in the day when it arrived at my aunt's.  Since returning it has rained 3 days straight.  Today it all came together.

In the picture above you can see the trailer hitch extension that was needed for the bike rack to mount and miss the spare tire hanging off the back.

Although I have to be more careful when backing up, having the bike assembled and ready to go frees up the rear bed and I can get on the bike whenever I like.

This left time is pm to check out the propane heater under the rear bed that was inassessable with the bicycle in parts on top if it.

I have read the instructions for the propane heater usage many times and couldn't get the unit to work.  But why?

The instructions say turn gas on and turn up the thermostat to the desired temperature and it should work.  I did both as I did a few times before and no results.  The instructions indicate that the blower would start when the thermostat is turned up.  If the heater doesn't start automatically start all over again.  Been there done that!  

Now it was time for the digital volt meter as the fan isn't turning on.  I first started with the thermostat to measure the voltage there and there was none.

After metering the thermostat I got no voltage.  I was just about ready to meter the wires at the heater and I saw that the thermostat with the cover off had a switch on the bottom that is not visible looking directly at it.  

This little switch at the bottom was the key to the puzzle.  It's an on/off switch.  I slid the switch and the blower started and shortly after the pezeo electric ignition started the propane burning and I had heat blowing.

I had been living with the heat from the HVAC on the roof that is a heat pump that will heat by extracting heat from the outside air.  The problem is that once it gets below 30 degrees it doesn't extract much heat.  Now with heat I am thinking of mailing home the portable propane heater I brought as a backup and also send back the ceramic heater I bought in MD.  Both take up valuable space and when I get to AZ and CA it will be warm enough.

I know now why the on/off switch is important to ensure you have aw auto have the furnace positively off.

Now why didn't they just mention the thermostat switch on the instructions.

I also went grocery shopping for the next few days, so I am now good for my next phase if my trip go the FL Panhandle.  Tomorrow I leave Leesburg for St Joseph Peninsula State Park for 3 nights. It will be cooler but not cold.

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