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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 35 - 2/20/14 Revisit Berangle Park Disc Golf & a hike in Torrey Pines

I woke this am and decided I would go play disc golf after responding to MWCC about the course I am teaching.

I have played most of the 18 hole courses in the area so I decided on the course I like best at the Berangle Terrace Park in Vista.  Because of people in the park the other day, I had to hold off playing a couple as it was the Presidents Day and people were enjoying the day.

Today there was only a few people playing the course.  This basket above is like many holes in this course with significant elevation changes and some real challenges.  I have gotten to like the more challenging courses.

One such hole in this course you throw from the top of a hill down a valley to the top of another hill.  My disc hit the last tree in the opening and bounced off.

I sent another disc through the opening in the trees and it went sailing a bit to the left just into a road.  I over did it on that one.  I went looking for the first disc and it was nowhere to be found.

The next group of players came along and I told them to pass ahead.  They offered to briefly helped look for my disc.

The disc is bright orange so not hard to spot.  Having scouring the immediate area, I finally figured out the dynamics and the valley slopes away steeply to the right and I went down the hill and at the bottom there was my disc about 800 feet down the hill.   It was behind a picnic table next to a tree that apparently it hit as it rolled down the hill.

So back up the hill to play the basket over again.

On my travels through the course looking for the disc here was a bit of color on an otherwise dry patch of ground.

I left Disc Holf for Torrey Pines for some ocean viewing and hiking.  With the ocean to the right ahead is the hill that is called Torrey Pines.

There were not any free spots to park along the road so I needed to pay the State Park fee of $10 to get in and park.

I drove to the top of the hill and hiked the path from the top doe to the ocean.

The tide was just high and was headed out so there was beach to walk on.

I went south to start and here this young girl sat on a rock pondering her life's dreams.

Beyond her towards La Jolla Shores are the cliffs that the parasailing jumpers run off.  None were running off while I was there.

I just liked this picture with the afternoon sun shinning on the water.

Heading north now towards the road I drove up the hill you can get the magnatude of the sandstone cliffs.

I saw this section where people have shared their love for others and it made me think of petroglyphs of old.  Being sandstone these will not last that many years before they are gone.

Looking south I caught a seagul posing for me in the air.

Wearing the Firefighter Throwdown tee shirt I was given yesterday when I met David Rogowski from Barre FD, a nice young woman was more than willing to take my picture. 

By the way David ranked 36 out of 100 that were invited to participate in the event.  They took the top 10 as finalists to compete today.

I journeyed back up the hill to the car making a big loop.  I don't know the actual distance but probably a few miles.

A stop at the grocery store in La Jolla for dinner and home to cook turkey burgers for the girls when they get home.

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