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Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 18 - Toilet Repair, Christy, 23 Miles on a The Bike

Today I decided to go looking for a new water valve for the camper toilet.  I lucked out that the RV Stotage & Parts place had the rebuild kit I needed for $35.00 so I picked it up for a repair later in the day.

While I was in town I decided to get my hair cut.  I had seen an advertisement for a hairdresser in town at the Piggly Wiggly Plaza.  I walked in and met Christy, a 30 something woman with very dark brown hair and about 5'6" tall and round face.

She was available for the haircut and when I asked how much Christy $50.  A few seconds later the other woman who works there said she is giving you a hard time.  Christy walked over to the terminal and in a w quiet voice said $12.  I said ok.  I the background the other woman was still telling me she was just messing with me.

Christy standing at the terminal asked me for my phone number, then says less the area code.  I looked puzzled so she offered the explanation that this is how they track all their customers.  Ok - I then offered up the number.  Still typing she asks for my name for the record.  

She then quickly turns to me and said I will take you at the first chair.  She put a black apron on me and asked if I wanted only a scissor cut and I said yes.  She then asked how I wanted it cut and I said what you see is what I want just shorter.

I saw her haircutter's license and noted a hair color change, which she acknowledged.  I then asked her to fill me in if she has lived in Port St. Joe all her life and she said no.  She exclaimed she was from Tennessee originally and had been teaching at a hie school in southern Alabama until 3 weeks ago she came here.  She followed her older sister who moved here before her.

While I was filling her in on her questions about me, I looked down and said wow, the black apron makes my gray hair look even grayer.  I was happy to think of my mom at 87 that still had a lot of dark hair with her gray, seeing some dark hair still mixed in with mine.

Christy, feeling a bit taken back about my comment of gray on black made a soothing comment that it wasn't that bad  and to just think of it as someone else's hair.  I wasn't feeling bad it was just a comment, but I did get a rise out of her.

As she was about half done with my hair a taller slender man with a lot of hair and pony tail came in for a cut.  I can't stand long hair on my head but this guy had 30 times what I had and he probsbly didn't think I needed a haircut.

In all of 15 minutes I was done so I gave Christy $20 and I said my goodbye and I was off to get gas and head back to the campground to try to get in my bike ride.  

When I got back I made lunch and headed out back in the direction I came in to the mainland.  I met a woman that I had seen earlier this am on my way to town.  She was unforgettable as she had 3 identical dogs out for a walk, along with another much larger dog.  I stopped to talk to her. She had walked 5 miles to a store and was just staring her return, having promised the dog that if they were good on the walk she would treat them to ice cream.  I then said it tool her a long time to walk as I had seen her in the  going to town and she said that she had met a woman that talked to her for over an hour. 

Are dogs and children the same?  

They had just finished their ice cream and were headed home for their 10 mile round trip walk.  I will meet her one more time as when I turned around at the mainland she was not home yet on my return trip totaling 23 miles.  That was a long trip for me.  It was mostly flat so my legs held up well.  I wish I could I could say the same for my ass.

Tonight was spaghetti night, so when I got back I jumped right in to cooking.  After dinner and clean up it was time to work on replacing the toilet valve, that I did with no problems.  I finished after dark so I will test for leaks tomorrow.

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