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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 20 - 2/5/14 - Another Long Drive FL to AL to GA

Today I left the "Firgotten Coast of FL" at 7am, crossing into the central time zone and eventually back to the eastern time zone.

I followed many secondary nicely maintained roads that went to 60 mph to the AL boarder where I picked up US routes that are four lanes wide with surface crossings.  I was making great time until we came to a hault on this road because of a segment of train left on the tracks crossing all 4 lanes.

Here we waited about a half hour for 2 engines to connect another segment of train, and then connect themselves, before finally moving everything along.

I took this picture in AL at a rest area.

My trip today took me through some very nice towns including, Marianna, FL; Dothan, AL; Eufala, AL

I finally picked up an interstate in Columbus, GA toAtlanta for my final segment oft trip to visit my cousin Ramona & husband Doug and cousin Veronica.  I arrived in Cartersville at 3:00 pm.  8 hour on the road with a couple quick stops & a train delay.

I got to hang out with them this evening catching up not having seen them for a few years.

Back through AL in a couple days.



  1. Is that the world's largest peanut?? Need more info about this strange picture!

  2. Manina good question. This was at a rest area in AL and I saw it from a distance and took the picture. Looking closely at the photo I see a plaque pion the ground and when taking the photo I didn't notice it, so what ever it said and it's importance is lost for this trip. I do doubt it is the largest peanut statue as the folks in AL seem obsessed with peanuts.