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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cloud Canyon Disc Golf

While at a southeast vandweller gathering in Alabama I have gotten to play disc golf twice at Cloud Canyon State Park in northwest Georgia.

This year is the first time I have played disc golf here, and I wasn’t disappointed.  It is a well established course that is mostly open with some nice drives from hills.  The later holes, 15th and on are mostly wooded to add some variety.  

Since it’s a state park there is a $5.00 car fee to get in.

This course is straight forward with only a few surprises.  It is not hard for a seasoned player to make par on a number of holes and even edge out a birdie.

There are a few places where your less used left and right turns can help, but since most fairways are open it’s easy to be off a bit and correctbon next throw.

The state park offers views and hiking.  On my second visit to play disc golf, I took the time to check out the views and take a short hike, that I will cover in a separate blog post.

While here in the southeast the weather cooperated with sunny mild days to get some games in.

The Cloud Canyon course is worth my returning in the future, even with the fee.


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