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Saturday, April 21, 2018

“Why Would Anyone Buy A Gold Prius?”

It was sometime ago that I was asked “Why would anyone buy a gold Prius?”

The comment was made to me by a 20 something and it wasn’t made as a compliment.

In my normal literal manner, I responded; “Because it was only $16,000 and had 8K original miles”.  It was a practical decision and the color blended in.

I had been traveling in my Prius, living in it for 2 two travel years four months each and it was doing exactly what I wanted.  It was cost efficient, great to drive, and I had outfitted it perfictly to live in, was environmentally controlled, and produced all the power I needed.

The question did get me to think about car purchases and color.

Here is what I found:


LittleThings / Maya Borenstein

Yellow and gold are the colors of joy and happiness. So if this is your car’s color, you definitely live by the mantra, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

You are imaginative, wise, have a good sense of humor, and a great mind for business.

You may also be young — or young at heart. “Kids in their 20s like brighter colors and welcome trends and color,” says Marcie Cooperman. They like small, bolder shapes and vivid hues. “Bright color doesn’t feel like a risk to them.”

I also found:

Gold: Warm, intelligent, glamorous

Gold is considered the most precious of all materials. “There is an implied warmth,” Eiseman explains. “But there’s also a certain kind of intelligence attached. And those who fancy gold also love comfort and will pay for it. It’s an attention getter, but a very glamorous one.”

Yea, I would like to think all that about my decision to buy my gold Prius but it was the right deal at the right time and nothing more.

It did work out that my Gold Prius set me apart at the RTR, as Suanne had white, David with green, and John had red.  We each approached Vandwelling in our Prius differently and we could be known by our separate colors.

Don’t pass up a great deal because of color.  Well, unless it makes you stand out and your trying to stealth.


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