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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Cloud Canyon Hike

After playing Disc Golf here at Cloud Canyon State Park in Georgia, I was up for a hike down into Cloud Canyon, with my Disc Golf vandweller friend who came with me.

It was a wonderful weather day for views, with mild but not too warm temperatures, was great for a hike down into the canyon 1.5 miles and 535 ft elevation.

From the rim you can see this nice multi level waterfall.  The abundance spring rain we have had while in Alabama, made the waterfalls beautiful.

Down near the bottom of the canyon is a wonderful small waterfall.

The waterfall creates a nice flowing river.

A few wonderful flowers grace the trail to the canyon bottom.

It was a great day for exercise with the 18 baskets of Disc Golf, followed by a great cardio workout with nearly all the 535 ft incline completed in 1.5 miles up.  

I find I enjoy hikes in the 1 to 2 mile range with 500 to 900 ft elevation.  It’s a great way to maintain your vertical hiking skills.


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