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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Newspaper Rock

My vandweller friend Roxy posted about Newspaper Rock some time ago and as with many of the places I go Roxy has been there and written about it.  She is my hero for being a full time vandweller, explorer, photographer, environmentalist, and overall nice person.

If you are a adventurous person and love to see places you many want to go you should follow Roxy.

I will include Roxy’s links at the bottom.

What a captivating name for this Petroglyph.  It was intriguing from the first time I saw the name.  People over the ages leaving their mark.  Of course we no longer can separate all the ancients from more modern day work but it’s interesting anyway.

From the first photo above Newspaper Rock sits between US191 between Monticello, UT and Moab, UT and is about half way to the lower Canyonlands (Needles District) on BLM Land.

This is the reason I have not been here before as this year was my first time to visit the Needles.

I have been captivated by Ruins and Petroglyphs this year, so my visit to Newspaper Rock was special.

Petroglyphs are self explanatory. Snakes and Bison, possibly?  A man?

It’s so fun to look at each addition.  My thoughts wander.

Google offers this definition for the dark walls Desert varnish, that Petroglyphs are put on.

“Petroglyphs are most typically created on surfaces such as cliff walls darkwith desert varnish, because the contrast between the dark surface and the underlying lighter colored sandstone or basalt enhances the visibility of the design. The most common method of creating images is "pecking" a design into the rock.”

I like the feet designs.  Possibly bear paws? A family of Bears?

What is that thing with a long nose and something spewing from the nostrils?

I’m sure the pease sign is not ancient.

From a distance it’s busy work of sorts, with so much going on.

Nearly every inch filled.  Just like a Newspaper.


Here is my friend Roxy’s contact information.  I don’t think you will be disappointed by her travel writings (blog)  and photography.  She has recently branched our to informative and interesting YouTube videos too.


Her photos on Facebook 

Her YouTube channel.


  1. Thank you so much for the plugs, it's good to hear that I've inspired some folks. Sometimes I wonder why I do all this, then I hear about someone like you who got inspired, and it keeps me going. LOL. Thanks for all you've done for me as well, you are a true friend.

    1. Roxy,

      I enjoy your posts and know many more would enjoy them too.

      I have over 130,000 blog views and know many enjoy the posts. It’s the once in awhile email or post comment that comes in that reminds me of the value of the work.